Physical Network Infrastructure Solutions

The longest lasting & most economical of all the solutions in any IT network is the physical network.

Though it will outlive the active components and presentation devices, it is one of the most neglected aspects of an IT infrastructure. Ultimate has provided solutions to its customers based on the EIA/TIA standards which are globally accepted. We follow IEEE & BICSI to promote structured cabling solutions as per EIA/TIA standards.

We offer end – to – end solution for copper and fiber products.

Also our Product vendor diagnostic approach allows the customer to design one revolving around a product.

Certification toolkits are a part of our inventory to give a defect free environment to our customers.

We cater to Active and wireless infrastructure solutions and voice solutions.
Active : Cisco, HP, D-Link
Passive : Amp, Molex, D-Link, Systimax
Wireless : Cisco, HP, Alcon

We are Business partners of Leading Service Provider like Tata, Airtel & Reliance, to offer Data (Internet, Leased Line, IPLC & MPLS) & Voice (PRI) Solutions across India.

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